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What You Need to Know

My name is Anthony, and I have been working with ecommerce businesses since 2019.

I was serving in the US Army and stationed at Fort Drum, NY when my wife came to me wanting to start her own online business. I had no idea what I was doing, but with a little (and I mean VERY LITTLE) knowledge of web design and business, we got to work. 

Now that business is taking off, and I have, through much trial and error, found ways to succeed in online sales. I wanted to share the things of learned with other like-minded small businesses who are struggling online. So I created Vector Commerce to bring those tips and techniques directly to you.

This blog is designed to be a resource for you. I share the things I have learned along the way including: marketing and advertising on a budget, creating organic website traffic through SEO, business development and branding, apps and tools to help automate and boost performance, and the ever-changing dynamic of sales tax for ecommerce businesses.

So read, learn, ask questions, and grow along with fellow small businesses as we unpack the challenge of succeeding in an online world.